Continuing Education Requirements

  • 40 hours every two years
  • One continuing education unit (CEU) is equal to one hour of classroom training
  • A minimum of 5 CEUs in each of the four Competency Areas
    • Nutrient management
    • Soil and water management
    • Pest management
    • Crop management
  • Up to 5 CEUs may be attained in Professional Development
  • Recertification cycle ends on December 31

Visit the International CCA program web site to check CEUs, self-report CEUs or offer CEUs for an event or training.

Click here to learn about CEU opportunities provided by the Iowa CCA board.

Specialty Certifications

Several specialty certifications are available to CCAs in good standing. These certifications build upon the basic components of the International CCA Certification to further demonstrate the Crop Adviser’s proficiency in specialized areas. Specialty certifications include:

  • Precision Agriculture Specialty (RMS) Certification
  • Resistance Management Specialty (RMS) Certification
  • Sustainability Specialty (SSp) Certification
  • 4R Nutrient Management Specialty (4R NMS) Certification

Visit the International CCA program website to learn more.

Certified Professional Agronomist (CPAg)

The CPAg certification is available to CCAs with at least a BS degree and multiple years of experience. To remain certified, CPAgs must earn 45.0 hours of continuing education (CEUs) every two years and pay an annual renewal fee. At least 5.0 of the 45.0 CEUs must be obtained in Professional Development.
Visit the International CCA program website to learn more.

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