2024 CCA Summer Workshop Scheduled for August 13

The 2024 CCA Summer Workshop has been scheduled and will take place at the Field Extension Education Lab (FEEL) on August 13, 2024. Sessions are in the works for the Summer Workshop which will focus on Environmental Influence on Crop Production.

The event will begin at 9:00 AM and finish at 4:00 PM. More details will be provided later this spring when they are finalized.

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2024 Iowa CCA Years of Service Awards

Iowa Certified Crop Advisers who have hit significant milestones in their year of service were recognized for their achievement at the 2024 Agribusiness Showcase & Conference February 12 in Altoona, Iowa, during the Iowa CCA Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration banquet. A total of 109 Iowa CCAs were honored for their long-time active status as CCAs. The program recognizes five year milestones starting with 15 years. The 2024 recognition also included 31 years of service.

Years Of Service Recipients

31 Years Of Service

Robert Follis
John Bergeson
Quintin Franke
Thomas Hillyer
Paul Kassel
Scott Louscher
Dean Mechler
Kurt Metzger
Larry Schroeder
Michael White

30 Years Of Service

Jeff Marsh
Randy Anderson
Daniel Bjorklund
Kurt Kirchner
Christopher Klumpp
David Lemke
Marcus Neppl
Mark Olson
Patrick Prier
Douglas Stout
Byron Sunderman
Scott Whitfield
Ronald Dodds
Mark Grundmeier
Steven Heilskov
Richard Judge
Dwain Kilburg
Torie Korth
Bruce Lynk
Matthew Petersen
Patrick Tekippe
Todd Schomburg
Brian Karkosh
Larry Eekhoff
David Steen
Brent Baddeley
Gary Coates
Fred Greiner
Thomas Hemesath

25 Years Of Service

Dean Bunkers
David Chaffin
Troy Deutmeyer
Brian Freed
Kory Jacobsen
Marvin Mortensen
Erik Underberg
Ryan Wolf
Cory De Jong
Tim Fogarty
Dana Gee
Rodney Luther
Jason McVicker
Jason Paper
Gregory Reisz
Amie Bandy
Matthew Boeckmann
Jeffery Cruise
Mark Dana Johnson
Rod Jurgens
Brian Lee Kolln
Craig Lamoureux
Wayne Louis Schroeder
Alan Wedemeyer
Jeffrey Hink
Kevin Barber
Christoffer Adams
Dave Beitz
Rhonda Birchmier
Mickey Kruse
Robert William Sobolik
Dean Allen Sponheim
Dean Alan Stalzer

20 Years Of Service

Kenneth OBrien
Jeffrey Vogel
Scott Bierstedt
Aaron Bilstad
Nathan James Pohlen
Jeffrey Joseph Rollinger
Michael Thompson
Mark Zwiefel
Amy Asmus
Jamie Brand
Joe Brehm
Mark Kooima
Tom Merfeld
Joseph Olson
Christian Petersen
Dwight Steege
Joseph Allen Thilges
Daniel Allen Thompson

15 Years Of Service

Bradley Brunsvold
Kyle Chesnut
Seth Gipple
Will Luers
Brett Peelen
Vincent Schaller
Michael Schrum
Adam Peterson
Matthew Blasberg
Daniel Eibey
Ross Enslin
Kevin Frank
Chad Husman
Clayton Muller
Dustin Rinnert
Samuel Harper
Ross Kleppe
Brent Lytle
Ryan Steeves

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2024 Iowa CCA of the Year

The 2024 Iowa Certified Crop Adviser of the Year has been awarded to Dave Lemke, Landus Cooperative. Lemke was recognized for this achievement at the 2024 Agribusiness Showcase & Conference February 12 in Altoona, Iowa, during the Iowa CCA Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration banquet.

Dave was among the first to complete the CCA exam when it launched in 1992. Since then, he’s honored the standards set forth by the CCA by approaching his farmers with strong morals and respect to deliver the best service to them. In doing so, he’s shared his knowledge with new crop advisors and other farmers. Landus shared a short feature of Dave on our website and social media channels (full link below), and we encourage you to take a look at the comment section filled with responses praising his abilities and knowledge.

View the Landus profile of Lemke

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