5th Annual Crop Scouting Competition


The event was well attended and was composed of 12 teams that came from across the State of Iowa.  Several of the teams were headed up by FFA leaders, local Pioneer dealers and other individuals in the Ag industry serving as the team coach.

The competition was held at the ISU FEEL lab west of Ames.  The students were required to complete questions at 11 stations scattered across the FEEL lab.  Topics included:  weed I.D., calculating yield estimates and disease I.D. to name a few.  I was fortunate enough to lead one of the 11 stations at the event.  I was able to spend 15 minutes with each group and talk with them about the importance of agriculture, what is the CCA program and how the CCA can potentially help them in their future ag careers.

The group consisted of mostly high school sophomores and older.  It was a great opportunity  for the students to start thinking about their future careers in Ag Business will be very rewarding to the CCA program in the long run.

scouting competition 2015 A. Sisson 923

Photos Courtesy of Adam Sisson, ISU