Thursday, August 20, 2015

9 AM – 3 PM

Jeff & Deb Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center Ames, Iowa

As an Iowa CCA member, the Agribusiness Showcase and Conference would like to inform you of an upcoming educational workshop. This workshop is being offered to CCA’s who attended the 2015 Agribusiness Showcase & Conference at no charge. All other attendees will be charged $50. By attending this workshop you will earn six (6) Soil & Water CEU credits.

The 2015 workshop topics will inform you about critical policy issues facing Iowa agriculture and the implications of those policies for you and your customers. Information will be provided about tools, practices and approaches available to help you and your farmer customers identify and implement science-based nutrient management and environmental stewardship approaches to address these issues in a voluntary and proactive manner. Below is a briefing on what topics will be covered during the 2015 summer workshop.

Emerging Policy & Tools for Managing Crop Nutrients – Advising & Equipping Farmer Customers

Corn Belt Nutrient Policy Issues – Enhancing Crop Advisor Roles to Build Understanding by Farmer Customers & the Public

  • Des Moines Water Works Lawsuit
  • Toledo, Ohio Lake Erie Drinking Water Issue 2014
  • National & Iowa Actions Calling for “Permit to Farm”
  • Ohio Ag Retailer Code of Practice & 2015 Ohio Legislation Governing Crop Nutrients
  • Talking Points for the Public on Nitrogen Use and Concerns

Emerging Tools for Crop Advisors to Equip Farmers to Respond

  • Updated Findings on Cover Crop Strategies
  • Key Aspects of the Nitrogen Cycle for Use with Producers
  • In-Season Nitrogen Testing Tools for Producer Education & Engagement
  • Soil Nitrate Sampling & N Watch
  • Demonstration of 360 SoilScan Soil Nitrate Testing
  • Nitrogen Test Strips for Use with Drainage & Stream Water Sampling
  • New Initiatives for Measuring & Demonstrating Environmental Progress by Farmers

Please see registration form and email to [email protected]


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