94 Certified Crop Advisers (CCAs) were saluted for fifteen years of service at the CCA Recognition Luncheon held at the Agribusiness Showcase & Conference on Tuesday, February 7.

Certified Crop Advisers utilize their skills in nutrient and pest management to assist growers with economical and efficient crop production.  They also ensure that growers are aware of regulations and utilize best management practices to protect the environment.

“Your status as a certified professional demonstrates your dedication to your profession, your employer and your client.  Being a CCA shows that you are willing to put in the extra work to get ahead in your field,” said Roger Tietjens, past chair of the ICCA board during the presentation.


 15 Year CCA Recognition Award Recipients 


Chad Anderson
John Anfinson
Walter Armstrong
Jeff Ashland
Harlan Asmus
Bruce Baier
Matthew Becker
Brent Becker
Brian Berns
Ellen Broesder
Gary Burke
Lyle Bushkofsky
Jerry Calease
Robert Camp
Marvin Christopherson
Dan Comstock
Joel DeJong
Rick Eckerman
James Eggerichs
Tom Evans
Christopher Evans
Mark Fiscus
Billy Fox
Roger Frank
Lawrence Garvin
Randy Gettle
Eugene Goedert
Kenneth Gray
Thomas Hall
Raymond Hammes
Robert Hanson
Scott Hart
Keith Harold Hartkemeyer
James Hornor
Joel Horsley
David Lee Huisman
Thomas Hurford
Kerry Jacobsen K.
Doug Jeanes
Michael Johnson
Jay Johnson
Randy Kool
Michael Krukow
Rick Krull
Steven Krummen
Russell Kurth
Randall Law
James Lawler
Richard Lee
Robert Liska
Wayne McClintock
Jennifer McCubbin
Jeffrey McDowell
John McGillicuddy
Gayle Melcher
Stephen Merfeld
Lawrence Metcalf
Brian Meyer
Paul Meyer
Gary Mills
Maurice Mitchell
Jeffrey Morey

Alan Moritz
James Nesseth
Gregory O’Toole
Paul Parcher
Gregory Peters
Rod Pierce
Troy Pitzenberger
Gary Prescher
Kevin Propes
Dale Ptacek
Dean Robins
Marvin Rockhold
Craig Lee Ross
Steve Rowe
Jonathan Schmitz
Orville Seamer
Cody Shay
John Shea
Gerald Staebell
Dave Steinbeck
John Swehla
Steven Swenson
Douglas Tinnes
Ronald Tvinnereim
Bradley Van Kooten
Dean Walsh
Paul Warden
Roger Webster
Kirk Ryan Welton
David Wiemers
Mark Wuebker
Steve Wykoff



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