Des Moines, Iowa – The Iowa Certified Crop Advisers (CCA) board of directors recognized one hundred nine individuals for their dedication to best management practices, professionalism, and years of service to agriculture as CCAs. The Iowa CCA program celebrated forty-one individuals for fifteen years (certified in 1994), forty-six individuals for twenty years (certified in 1999), and twenty-two individuals for twenty-five years (certified in 2004). Recognitions were held during the annual Iowa CCA Years of Service luncheon on Tuesday, February 12, 2019. The luncheon is annually held in conjunction with the Agribusiness Showcase & Conference (ASC) in Des Moines, Iowa. Certified Crop Advisers utilize best management practices that protect the environment and lead growers to produce higher yields and increased profitability for their farms.

The CCA board also presented the “Iowa CCA of the Year” award to Adam Kramer, Allamakee County farmer owner-operator of Black Sand Granary. The Iowa Certified Crop Adviser of the Year Award is designed to recognize a CCA who delivers exceptional customer service, is highly innovative, has shown that they are a leader in their field, and has contributed substantially to the exchange of ideas and the transfer of agronomic knowledge within the agriculture industry.

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig today announced two agribusinesses and two CCAs as recipients of the Secretary’s Iowa Ag Leader Award for Conservation. Naig two CCAs – Nancy Bohl Bormann from Algona and Tim Berkland from Spencer.

At the Agribusiness Showcase & Conference, two-hundred plus of CCAs received continuing education training to maintain their certification. The 2019 ASC offered over a dozen hours of continuing education units (CEUs). An Iowa CCA must accumulate a total of forty hours of CEUs every two years to maintain their certification.

The Agribusiness Showcase & Conference provides attendees the opportunity to explore the innovative tools they need to enhance their careers and grow their business. Save the date for next year’s event on February 11 & 12, 2020.

The Iowa Certified Crop Adviser program is supported at the national level by the American Society of Agronomy (ASA) Certified Crop Adviser Program. The CCA certification was established in 1992 to provide a benchmark for practicing agronomy professionals in the United States. CCAs meet examination, education, experience, and ethical standards that assure their competency as a partner to the producer in achieving the most from their farm. For more information on the American Society of Agronomy


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